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Temporary work



Personnel selection

Personnel selection

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HR consultancy

Offer - Temporary work

Temporary work is a flexible way to maintain and control the optimal level of employment in your company. HR Global Group takes on the whole process and the pressure related to it: from recruitment, through the employment of successful candidates, to the legal and social obligations as well as administrative services.

When is it worth to use it?

Temporary work is an ideal solution in many cases:


Whatever the reason, the temporary work service is an ideal solution if you are looking for efficient and flexible management of human capital in your company.

HR Global Group guarantees

Temporary work is associated with taking over by HR Global Group the full responsibility for the person employed. First of all, it is us who employs him/her, not you. With comprehensive and modern methods of recruitment, we guarantee fast and efficient recruitment process. Hired personnel will be suitably qualified to perform the work on positions defined by you and fully efficient from the moment of employment. We are responsible for the comprehensive administrative and legal service of employees. You do not have to worry about calculating the components of pay and personnel record-keeping, payment of wages, preparation of contracts and social insurance.

infografik_5enThe standard of our work are immediate reactions to the changing conditions of your business environment and the consequent needs. By cooperating with HR Global Group you are guaranteed an appropriate level of employment and the substantive level of the staff hired. As a result, you can peacefully concentrate on developing your own business.

Accept our guarantees. As part of the temporary work service we offer a range of facilities, which will have a real impact on the development of your business.

Benefits of cooperation

By carrying out with HR Global Group projects in the field of employment of temporary employees, you will benefit from many facilities. You will soon see how convenient the offer of temporary work prepared for you by a professional business partner is.




Offer - Outsourcing

Human resource management is not usually directly related to the main activity of the company. Therefore, it is worth to entrust this part of the business to a professional and trusted business partner. You will be able to devote the time saved to your core activity and the development of your company.

Human Resources is a core competency of HR Global Group. Outsourcing in the field of human resources management is a process that is a part of a long-term strategy of the company. We will prepare a comprehensive scope of outsourcing services tailored to your company’s needs. As a result, you will save time and money, and you will hand over the most onerous part of the human capital management outside. The two main elements of our offer are human resources outsourcing and payroll outsourcing.

Outsourcing with HR Global Group not only saves time and money. Above all, you gain peace of mind and comfort, as we take over from you the responsibility for the proper conduct of all processes.

Human resources outsourcing

Free yourself from contact with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), laborious human resources settling of employees and the related formalities. We will do it for you in an efficient, safe and professional manner. In case of an audit, you can be sure that all documents are 100% correct. And you do not have to spend time doing it – we represent you.


Payroll outsourcing

Meticulously, objectively, timely and carefully to the smallest detail. By entrusting us with the management of your company’s payroll, calculating wages, statements for the Tax Office (US) and human resources contacts with employees are no longer your problem.


Offer - Personnel selection

Despite the growing number of duties and areas under the responsibility of HR departments, effective recruitment remains the key challenge. The more optimistic outlook for the labor market, the more challenging becomes the selection of suitably qualified and prepared to perform the duties employees.

Scope of services

We offer two main services in the area of personnel selection.


We guarantee precise selection of employees, taking into account the verification of:

We will conduct an effective recruitment for every professional level:

Human resources is one of the critical investments of the company, largely determining its success. The essence of the recruitment process is to find a person whose competence and motivation will allow to improve the existing human capital of the company and its development.

Recruitment methods

Recruitment is a complex process, which must take into account many factors, including among others: current situation on the labor market, the company’s needs, qualifications and competences of employees and their financial expectations. For the process to be successful – meaning timely employment of qualified and loyal person or a larger team – it is necessary to use recruitment techniques appropriate for a given position. Our most commonly used recruitment techniques include:

We conduct the recruitment with the use of targeted channels to reach candidates. The most common are:

Due to the complicated and time-consuming nature as well as cost of the recruitment process, it is worth to entrust finding the right candidates to professionals.

HR Global Group guarantees

By cooperating with HR Global Group, you benefit from guarantees that actually have an influence on streamlining recruitment processes in your company.



Offer - HR consultancy

Human resource management is a complex and complicated process. This is not a major part of your business, so we offer you professional HR consultancy. Take advantage of our experience and effectively compete on the market with human capital of your company.

We will support you in every aspect of the personnel activity of your company. First of all, it applies to ongoing decisions that you have to make. HR and payroll audit, employment restructuring, personnel professional development paths, comparing the pay scale with market standards and comprehensive employer branding – we will develop and implement the solution for any personnel project in your company. Tools proposed by us will be created based on an analysis of your company and industry as well as consultation with your team. As a result, each task carried out by us will be ideally suited to the needs of your company.

Thinking about the company image built exclusively through PR and marketing is archaic. Today, the employer image is equally important. Thanks to its professional, conscious HR policy management, the company may build an invaluable competitive advantage.

Benefit from our advice in the following segments of Human Resources: