About us

About us

.In today’s business environment, effective HR is of strategic importance to the company. Multi-tasking capability and multi-channel nature of activities in the area of human resources are essential in modern management. Therefore, our role is clearly defined: we provide our clients with the ability to compete effectively with human capital on the market.

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We are the fastest growing company in the HR industry in Poland. Our capital is 100% Polish, but we act globally – as the company name suggests. We carry out complementary projects in the field of human resources on international labor markets, providing professional business support tailored to local requirements.


Complementarity of services

Our offer is divided into 4 main activities. Each of them contains a complementary scope of services that you can start to implement in your company today. It is up to you and your business needs which services you want to use. All 4 main parts of our offer fully cover HR needs of the SME segment companies and corporate businesses. Therefore, whatever your activity, you can now hand over the part of it, which is not the core of your business, into the hands of professionals.

Complementary HR services will allow you to build your company’s competitive advantage, thanks to its own effective human capital.


We carry out works in the field of HR on many international markets, in a variety of industries and for companies of non-uniform size and organizational culture. Due to these factors, our activities require each time a different, personalized approach to executed projects. Thanks to years of experience, HR Global Group has dedicated solutions for many industries where the emphasis is on the specificity of their activity. We specialize in the following industries:

Competitive advantage

Work is not enough – to find and recruit the best candidates is an absolute basis. We will do this for you. But while we are doing this, think about the overall employer branding and the benefits that building the dream employer image can bring you. Competing effectively on own market with effective human capital is a competitive advantage that your competitors will not be able to imitate. Due to the strategic importance of HR in today’s competitive business environment, it is worth to cooperate with a trusted partner that provides professional solutions in the field of human resources.

Work with the pros – take a look at our offer and see what we can do for you.