U.K. Jobs Market Shows Resilience for Now Against Brexit Fallout


U.K. Jobs Market Shows Resilience for Now Against Brexit Fallout

Britain’s labor market isn’t cracking under the weight of Brexit yet.

Companies added 172,000 jobs in the second quarter and the unemployment rate held at 4.9 percent, showing resilience in the buildup to the June 23 referendum when the U.K. decided to quit the European Union. While the data available for July — after the vote — are more volatile, they show an unexpected drop in jobless claims.

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China – Zhaopin publishes report on labour market

A report from Chinese career platform Zhaopin shows that labour market competition for white-collar workers eased by 6.3% in the second quarter with an average of 45 applications per vacancy, down from 48 in the first quarter.

According to the report, traditionally the first quarter, especially after the Spring Festival, is the most active season for changing jobs. Most white-collar workers intending to change jobs have already found new positions, while many college graduates also have confirmed their job offers in the first quarter, which led to a decline in job applications in the second quarter.

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7 out of 10 city dwellers aged 20 to 64 are employed

Eurostat estimates that in 2015 in the EU, around 124 million people aged 20 to 64, or 41% of the population of this age group, were city dwellers.

Among EU city dwellers aged 20-64, 70% were in employment. The risk of poverty or social exclusion affected around 24% of all city dwellers.

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Foreign capital on the Polish labor market

According to data from the Center for Economic Information, more than 6,000 new companies with foreign capital were established in Poland in 2015.

4,390 companies were founded in the so far record-breaking year of 2014. Nearly half of the entities created in 2015 was registered in the Mazovian region.

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18% of unemployed persons in Q3 2015 in the EU found a job

Out of all persons in the EU who were unemployed in the third quarter 2015, 17,7 % (3,5 million) moved into employment in the fourth quarter 2015 according to a survey of the Eurostat.

64%  (12,5 million) remained unemployed and 18,4% towards economic inactivity.

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