Professional work is one of the most important areas of human life. Our task is to find such a job for you, in which you will simply feel good. Trust us. Together we can find for you a friendly place to work where you develop your talent, widen professional horizons, earn honest money and spend time in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

Current job offers

Job offers which we are currently recruiting for can be found below. Click on the advertisement you are interested in and check the conditions of employment:

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We keep it professional

We are recruiting all over the world, in a very diverse range of industries. As a result, we have more opportunities than others to support you on a career path. Each of us is different. We have different talents, abilities and skills. Some people want to work abroad, others cannot imagine leaving their country or hometown. When looking for work for you we take into account any circumstance, therefore we guarantee that we will find an optimal (although not always perfect) solution for you.

There is no such thing as perfect workplace. But there are workplaces that you will go to with pleasure and satisfaction every day. Let us find them together.

Our advertisements can be found on the most popular work portals: pracuj.pl, praca.pl or inforpraca.pl. Each advertisement very carefully defines the expectations of candidates. Do not be surprised if the knowledge of a foreign language will not be required to work abroad. It is not always necessary. Read the advertisement carefully and if you believe that you meet most requirements apply.

Working in Poland

Job offers of HR Global Group are a guarantee of fair and transparent employment conditions. All the principles of cooperation will be presented to you at the beginning (the majority is already presented in the advertisement). You will know in advance what you can expect, but also what is required of you. HR Global Group surrounds you with care throughout the entire period of employment, but also after its completion. You can count on our support and professional counselling at every stage of your career. Particular attention is paid to helping those people in special moments of their professional career: those who are at its beginning, including students, and those who have half of their professional activity behind them (50 +).

Working abroad

We are well aware that moving to a foreign country is a difficult decision and a personal challenge. But do not worry prematurely. HR Global Group will support you in a comprehensive manner and prepare your move. All job offers include the scope of our guarantees. In each offer relating to work abroad you will find that we provide full support and preparation for departure, including organizing all the paperwork. In most foreign offers you will also find on-site care of the Polish resident. You will often receive an additional guarantee of free accommodation and board. Remember, you remain under our care throughout the entire period of employment.

How long will you wait for a job? It all depends on the market situation, which can change dynamically. Sometimes, however, people coming to HR Global Group begin work immediately.

Working at HR Global Group

Why not work at HR Global Group? Check the Career tab and see what positions we are currently recruiting for. Even if none of them suits you, you can send your CV. We are experts in what we do and we will not allow ourselves to overlook a valuable employee.