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Temporary work

Temporary work

Flexible forms of employment guaranteeing the rapid adaptation of its level to the current needs of your company and the changing business environment.Temporary work


Comprehensive services in the area of human resources, including customized solutions and processes dedicated to your company.Outsourcing
Personnel selection

Personnel selection

Complementary solutions in the area of individual and mass recruitment for all professional levels: from blue collar employees to the Top Management.Personnel selection
HR consultancy

HR consultancy

Strategic HR consultancy taking into account, among others, massive job cuts, evaluation systems, incentive programs and employer branding.HR consultancy
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U.K. Jobs Market Shows Resilience for Now Against Brexit Fallout

Britain’s labor market isn’t cracking under the weight of Brexit yet.Czytaj więcej


China – Zhaopin publishes report on labour market

A report from Chinese career platform Zhaopin shows that labour market competition for white-collar workers eased by 6.3% in the second quarter with an average of 45 applications per vacancy, down from 48 in the first quarter.Czytaj więcej


7 out of 10 city dwellers aged 20 to 64 are employed

Eurostat estimates that in 2015 in the EU, around 124 million people aged 20 to 64, or 41% of the population of this age group, were city dwellers.Czytaj więcej

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