World’s Most Ethical Companies Honorees


World’s Most Ethical Companies Honorees

The World’s Most Ethical Companies program honors companies that excel in three areas – promoting ethical business standards and practices internally, enabling managers and employees to make good choices, and shaping future industry standards by introducing tomorrow’s best practices today.

Honorees have historically out-performed others financially, demonstrating the connection between good ethical practices and performance that’s valued in the marketplace.

In 2016, 131 honorees were named spanning 21 countries and five continents and representing over 45 industries. In its 10th year, the list includes 14 ten-time honorees and 13 first-time honorees.

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Survey Finds Employees Less Loyal Than Five Years Ago

More than half of all managers (52%) consider their employees less loyal than five years ago, according to a survey of more than 1,200 executives and managers by American Management Association (AMA).

Thirty-seven percent perceive employees to be about the same as five years ago. Only 11% view employees as more loyal.

The survey was completed December 1, and respondents consisted of 1,213 senior-level business, human resources, management professionals, and employees drawn from the AMA database of contacts.

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Enormous importance of micro-enterprises in the European Union

According to Eurostat, 9 out of 10 companies in the European Union are micro-enterprises, i.e. entities employing less than 10 people.

The highest percentage of micro-enterprises is registered in Greece (96.7%), Slovakia (96.5%) and the Czech Republic (96%). Poland, together with Portugal, has been ranked on the 4th place (95.2%).

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The best places to work worldwide in 2015

For the fifth time, the Great Place to Work Institute has chosen 25 best places to work worldwide. The survey involved more than 6,500 companies.

The top three were: 1. Google, 2. SAS Institute and 3. W. L. Gore & Associates.

The Great Place to Work Institute has also published the Company as Community report together with the list of the Best International Workplaces. It shows that “according to employees, the most important in corporate culture is the sense of community: enjoying work performed and friendly, family atmosphere at the workplace.” Employees of winners also appreciate the competence of the management, availability of resources and equipment needed to do the job, physical safety at the workplace and the ability to take time off when necessary.

Earlier, the Great Place to Work Institute has also published the List of 100 Best Workplaces in Europe in 2015 and the List of Best Workplaces in Poland in 2015.

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500 largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe

For the tenth time in a row, Coface has prepared a survey of 500 largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe.
The ranking takes into account the results of companies and capital groups, which recorded the highest turnover. The analysis also covered the number of employees, the structure of companies, sectors and markets.

Data on businesses are acquired and verified by Coface experts directly in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The work is coordinated by Coface headquarters for this region in Vienna, and the final consolidation of the list is carried out by Coface in Poland, as a precursor of this project and the strongest division in the region.

The rankings do not include banks, insurers as well as other financial sector companies due to the different way of reporting the results of companies, making it difficult to summarize them on one list with manufacturing or trade companies. In the case of capital groups, the consolidated results of the companies from the group are presented, which enables showing the real importance and strength of the largest companies in this region.

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